Complete Risk Management

We design and implement Complete Risk Management Program for all risk exposures in a business. Our role in this program is to analyze the business profile of the client, values at risks, location and process involve in final output delivery. The analysis with our experience knowledge results in identifying risks, selecting method to minimize risks, treat the risks and establishing the process for Insurable Risk Management.

Designing the Customized Insurance covers

We hold proficiency in offering tailor made Insurance solutions engaging support from domestic as well as International Market after analyzing all your Risk exposures and vetting of current insurance policies and suggest the improvement in terms, clauses, warrantees including comment on premium charged by the Insurance Company. We suggest traditional insurance products as well as new type of covers in light of Risk Inspection of plants/units arranged by us that help in reducing the risks in the business of a client along with cost saving in premium.

Negotiating best Rates, Terms and Conditions

Pricing is the key part of achievement in any service industry. Since we are allowed to work with each and every Insurance as well as Reinsurance Company anywhere in India/World, we bargain hard with various Insurance Companies and arrange for the best deals for our clients. We incorporate the appropriate clauses, warrantees and conditions in the policy as per business need and material facts analyzed by our Technical Underwriters.

Placement and Policy Servicing

The Rate and Terms received from various Insurers are compared and selected with through analysis. Placement of Insurance Policies is done in most professional way and we service the policies and get endorsements within defined time limits as per our servicing commitments. Our focus is on Single Window approach which helps to expedite and simplify information flows between Insurance Company and Customer.

Robust Claims Management

All our exercise of proper policy designing and offering best pricing to the customer is always comes with assurance for the Complete Claims Management of the clients and provide them hassle free-timely claim service from the Insurance Company from intimation of claim till final settlement. Our Claim Consulting professionals assist in pre & post loss design and execution of strategies that reduces the financial impact of events.

Seamless Processes and IT Infrastructure

We have process-driven and pre defined robust end-to end established processes in place to offer hassle free services to our clients and meet out regulatory norms. In case of requirement, we may specifically design IT Applications and Program to service that particular segment/organization. We have successfully designed and implemented the Mobile App and dedicated Web portal to service our customers, field personnel working on ground and real time monitoring giving leverage of Technology and data sharing.